Halloween Makeup

25 Oct

I’ve clearly got Halloween on the brain (see Costume Jewelry) so I decided to check out some makeup styles for the holiday. I came across some awesome & inspirational makeup ideas from MAC that I’m fascinated by:

MAC Cosmetics

“Batgirl” is self explanatory.

MAC Cosmetics

This look is totally suitable for a doll costume with the rosy cheeks and round eyes.

MAC Cosmetics

I adore this look for a devil costume or some sort of “fire and ice” feel.

MAC Cosmetics

This look takes a little more talent & creativity but would clearly look awesome paired with a fairy costume.

MAC Cosmetics

Don’t just be Lady Gaga for Halloween, be one of her biggest hits- Poker Face. This would be super cute with a Queen of Hearts costume, as well.

MAC Cosmetics

I envision this look with an Evil Queen type costume. The detailing is incredible & would definitely compliment the dark costume.

MAC Cosmetics

This robot-inspired look would be incredibly easy to make and would add a ton of character to your costume.

MAC Cosmetics

I can picture this pattern with either a snake or leopard  costume.

MAC Cosmetics

This look would work with a spider costume, or a darker version of Little Miss Muffet. The spider is super detailed so it may take a little extra artistic talent.

MAC Cosmetics

For a zebra or cat costume, this would be incredibly detailed but easy if you had the time to create it!

While it’s easy to get inspired by these looks, they might be difficult to create. You can log-on to MAC to book an artist or call your local MAC counter to see if anyone could help you recreate any of these looks. On their website, you can also find all the makeup needed to make all these looks. Get inspired & be creative!


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