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Man Up: Menswear Trends for Women!

1 Dec

From a casual t-shirt to a classic button-down, menswear has always looked more structured, while still looking more comfortable than traditional women’s styles. Finally, the menswear trend came crashing into female wardrobes & it’s bigger now than ever. Some of my favorite menswear inspired pieces include (all featured can be found at Nordstrom):

Betsey Johnson

Menswear-inspired footwear doesn’t get much more chic than these Betsey Johnson booties (Nordstrom- $139.95). I absolutely adore a good suede shoe & these chunky booties definitely do it for me. Purchase It!

Rachel Roy

Rachel Roy made a lovechild by combining a traditional menswear piece, the blazer, with femininity. This structured blazer is all “business in the front, party in the back” with a flirty draped back (Nordstrom- $498.00). A fitted blazer should be a staple in all closets & won’t be headed out of style any time soon. Purchase It!

Alexander Wang

Over-sized button-downs or utility shirts add the perfect touch of masculine over leggings. This Alexander Wang design combines a girly silk fabric with the menswear design of a utility shirt (Nordstrom- $475.00). Add chunky jewelry & heels or boots to make this manly design feel fun & flirty. Purchase It!


Chunky menswear-inspired jewelry doesn’t get much better than this MARC by MARC JACOBS rose-gold watch (Nordstrom- $275.00). The crystals & rose-gold color glam up the masculine face of the watch making it the perfect jewelry piece  for the menswear trend. Purchase It!

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Versace’s Second H&M Collection

23 Nov

Donatella Versace

Between the dedicated fans who camped out all night, to the scalpers who purchased a ton of pieces just to jack-up prices on eBay, the Versace Collection for H&M just about sold out everywhere almost instantaneously. This demand sparked a ton of speculation on the upcoming second collection that Versace is projected to release for H&M this January. While there are a ton of rumors, the collection is shrouded in mystery for the time being, so everyone’s just going to have to hang on. The line might not even be available to all!

As per WWD (story since removed, adding more mystery to the mystery), the spring pre-collection is reported to hit H&M stores on January 19th, but only in countries that have an H&M e-commerce site (aka NOT the USA). If this is true, I have a funny feeling those throwing the collections up on eBay might become more popular & less annoying by giving American shoppers Versace justice!

I believe I speak for all of us U.S. fashionistas by stating I hope H&M changes their mind & does a full release. Don’t discriminate, H&M! We love fashion too!


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Marc Jacobs’ Spring 2012 Collection STOLEN?!

17 Nov

Marc Jacobs

The famed designer’s entire Spring 2012 collection of sample sizes vanished on a train from Paris. Who would steal samples? The collection consisted of 46 looks and all have reportedly been stolen. The collection was on its way from Paris to London for a European press day. Marc’s PR team released this statement via e-mail: “The Marc Jacobs PR team is sorry to inform you that our press day tomorrow in the Marc Jacobs store is cancelled, due to the theft of the spring/summer 2012 collections during its transfer from Paris”.

Reports are saying the collection is being sent to a factory for mass production & distribution at knock-off prices. Hopefully Marc has a ton of patterns & sketches, in case the collection gets released or this “knock-off” scheme holds true.

Read more: Marc Jacobs’ Spring Collection Reportedly Stolen in Europe


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Girl Crush: Karlie Kloss

8 Nov

Doesn’t the title just say it all? I have “girl crushes” on models, celebrities, socialites, etc. & Karlie Kloss is one of my newest! I adore her. As an American high-fashion model & runway queen, Karlie will be one of the newest Angels walking the runway tomorrow night in the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Having been shot for Marc Jacobs, Dior, and Roberto Cavalli (just to name a few), the VS show will be a whole new level of gorgeous for Kloss.

Karlie Kloss for Dior

Wild hair, dark features & an over-sized pair of sunnies makes Karlie for Dior. I think this shot represents her talent as a high-fashion model but…

Karlie Kloss for Chloe

…this 2009 runway shot from Chloe’s RTW collection shows Kloss’ true beauty. With her high cheek-bones, flawless complexion & pale lip, Kloss is the essence of natural gorgeousness & I am so inspired!

Watch Kloss for the VS Fashion Show on November 29th airing on CBS.

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Happy (Belated) Birthday, Anna Wintour!

7 Nov

In honor of Anna Wintour’s birthday last week, I was inspired to flip through some old Vogue covers. Growing up, I was always so inspired by Vogue, as I’m sure many of you were as well! Some of my favorites that I came across were:


Claudia Schiffer’s 1989 cover for the mag. Between her hair, exposed shoulder & drop earrings, she is the essence of elegance & beauty. I absolutely love that the high-bun hairstyle is back “in”. It’s simple, easy & fun so take note.


This 1991 cover featuring Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington & Cindy Crawford was issued to celebrate 75 years! All three ladies have graced many vogue covers so it was fitting they chose them for the cover. I adore Christy’s next-to-nothing makeup & Cindy’s full but tidy brows. Both super chic beauty trends!


Who’s more inspirational than a princess? The 1997 cover of Princess Diana is perfect. Her dress is gorgeous, her skin & makeup flawless, making her the definition of beautiful!


Gisele Bundchen’s 2000 cover showed just enough skin to make women every where hit the gym while still keeping Gisele tasteful & classy. What girl isn’t inspired by Gisele? I love the ease of the photo as cover shoots are normally more posed.


I definitely saved the best for last with this 2003 Kate Moss cover. As you already know, I am in love with Kate. She entered the business as a scrawny awkward teenager and has since become one of the top models of our generation. This cover is perfect & goes against the normal “Vogue” grain with a dedication to music & art. Love, love love!


Happy Birthday, Anna! I hope we have many more years with you pouring your soul into our beloved Vogue magazine!


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Fashion Rule to Break!

1 Nov

A friend came to me with a fashion question: Can you wear black & brown together? This is one fashion rule I’m adamant about breaking. After all, two neutral colors have to go together; it’s the whole idea of neutrality. Thankfully, I have a few fashion icons helping me prove this “rule” is outdated:

Lauren Conrad

Lauren’s blouse helped her with her decision to pair black & brown together. The gorgeous flower detail, brown in color, looked amazing paired with open-toed heels & a cute suede purse (both brown, of course). The casual vibe this outfit emits shows the perfect opportunity for color-pairing exploration.

Kate Moss

Unlike Lauren’s look above, Kate Moss shows that black & brown go together for a more dressier look, as well. Paired with a great blazer & high-waisted pant, Kate used a brown t-shirt to offset the black-on-black hues.

Heidi Klum

The ultimate form of the black & brown combo: Leopard print! Heidi Klum displays this amazing design of black & brown so perfectly, & lucky for us, animal-print is definitely in style this season. Take a page from Heidi’s black & brown look-book & pick up some leopard print pieces.

More celebrities like Rachel Bilson, Anne Hathaway & Kristen Bell sport the black & brown look so take a page from their book as well. Try pairing a black dress with a brown leather jacket; black leggings with brown boots or a black sweater with a brown belt cinching the waist. Both colors are complimentary neutrals, so don’t be surprised when they shatter your beloved fashion rule.

Editor’s Note: Thank you so much, Reese, for the awesome idea for this post! I hope this inspires you for many more “mismatching” looks.

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Wearable Trends for Fall/ Winter 2011

27 Oct

Runway looks always amaze me, but sometimes even the “ready to wear” collections are intimidating & constantly have me wondering how anyone on the street can pull them off. However, this fall/ winter is truly about RTW pieces & I’m sincerely thankful for that!

J Brand Jeans

Leather is all the rage for this season (see my 2nd look from Versace for H&M to see how I’ll be wearing the trend) but it’s an intimidating fabric & if you’re not comfortable & confident in what you’re wearing, then what’s the point? An easy compromise is the waxed jean. Shiny like leather in comparable hues with a more relaxed fit. A great way to balance out the rocker look of a waxed jean (or leather) is to pair with a feminine top like a tie-neck blouse and heels (J Brand Jeans 12″ Pencil Wax Coated in Venom from Revolve Clothing– $198.00).


Speaking of tie-neck blouses, I am loving this super wearable look for fall. It’s flirty, feminine, & as stated above, would look fabulous over a pair of leather pants or waxed jeans. These blouses are usually loose-fitting so pairing with a skinny bottom is definitely recommended (Trouve Tie Front Top from Nordstrom– $88.00).

Diane von Furstenberg

As you probably know by now, jewel-tones are big this season. I am a big fan of this trend as it will help counteract all of the blacks and browns we are usually religious about wearing during the chillier months. One of my favorite jewel-tones is mustard. The rich golden hue provided by this color is so complimentary to many skin tones and would look great paired with tights if you’re looking at dresses such as the DVF design above (Diane von Furstenberg Issie Sleeveless Satin Dress from Neiman Marcus– $425.00).

Rebecca Taylor

Lace and lace detailing almost overtook the runways at NYFW for Fall/ Winter 2011. This trend is incredibly easy to wear & is so feminine that even the smallest touch of lace detail can add the most romantic of feels. Just like the tie blouse, I’d recommend pairing the uber-feminine trend with something a bit edgier like a leather jacket or spiked heels (Rebecca Taylor Romantic Lace Blouse from Bloomingdale’s– $315.00).

Alice + Olivia

Polka-dots have a bad reputation for being childish but this season they’re anything but! Polka-dot minis, blouses & dresses are everywhere & are so fun to wear. I bought this Alice + Olivia dress for the summer time but am easily going to transfer it into my fall wardrobe with a cute cropped jacket, tights & booties. The best thing about re-using your summer wear is saving money while adding to your Fall/ Winter closet, or, if you’re just purchasing, it’s on SALE, which saves you money as well (Alice + Olivia Polka-Dot Silk Dress from Neiman Marcuswas $297.00; now– $178.00)!

The Wall Street Journal said Ready to Wear is the new Couture.  Whether or not you agree, it’s definitely refreshing to have so many RTW pieces in-trend for this season.


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Rachel Zoe Collection

26 Oct

I’ve been wanting to dissect the Rachel Zoe Collection for a few days now, but every time I went to “research” the line, I found myself just purchasing pieces and depressing my bank account. Finally, I’m ready to stop shopping & start writing. The fact I couldn’t look up the collection without buying means great things for both my wardrobe & this line (all pictures of the collection from Neiman Marcus):

Rachel Zoe

Sylvia Cowl-Neck Halter- I absolutely love a detailed fabric, cowl-neck cut & cinched waist so this was an obvious choice for me. The color is great for fall & would easily compliment most skin tones. Pair with skinny jeans (since it’s a bit baggier even with the cinch) and boots (Neiman Marcus- $225.00).

Rachel Zoe

One-Sleeve Sequin Dress– I totally adore sequin for the holidays. It’s festive, attractive & super fun to sport. (Neiman Marcus- $295.00).

Rachel Zoe

Faux-Fur Vest– Fur is big this season & faux-fur is even bigger (You’re welcome, PETA). Rachel is known for her love of furs so this piece made me feel like she was adding a part of herself to her collection & I truly adore that. It’s a bit of an over-sized vest so I’d make sure the shirt underneath & your jeans are form fitting to offset the chunky look (Neiman Marcus- $225.00).

Rachel Zoe

Tailored Tuxedo Jacket, Tie-Neck Plunge Blouse & Boot-Cut Tuxedo Pants- Obviously, you can purchase each piece separately, but why would you want to? This classic cut, color & style is perfect when paired with the trendy tie-neck blouse (Neiman Marcus- $425.00, $295.00 & $275.00, respectively).


I truly limited myself with this post. I could’ve easily written about every piece of this collection, as I would personally purchase about 90% of the whole line (if money were no object) so take the time to view it in its entirety, as there are shoes & handbags, too!


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Versace for H&M

26 Oct

I think I’m all alone when I say I don’t normally like when high-end labels collaborate with stores like H&M, Target, etc. In my opinion, it cheapens the label. On the other hand, however, it gives everyone a chance to own a work of art from some of the most sought-after designers. Well, I’m starting to bite my tongue on that theory after I saw the designs for the Versace for H&M collection. Some of these pieces, I absolutely die for:

Versace for H&M

This gorgeous silk design gives an edgier feel to the concept of the LBD. The cut & detailing are absolutely stunning and would compliment anyone (H&M- $149.00).

Versace for H&M

Yet another edgy take on the LBD, I die for this leather & studded detail dress. I love leather for fall & would pair this dress with tights & booties for a night out. The detailing screams Versace, for sure (H&M- $299.00).

Versace for H&M

Not to seem too obsessed with the concept of a little black dress, but this silk LBD with cutouts on the sleeves could easily work for the 9-5 or a night out. I love versatility (H&M- $149.00)

Versace for H&M

I love a good cocktail ring & this gorgeous flower is no exception. Unfortunately,  I couldn’t find the pricing for any of the jewelry pieces.

Versace for H&M

Moving away from the LBD & brightening your fall wardrobe is the vibrant yellow dress with detailing (H&M- $199.00).

As for the men’s portion of the collection, it’s bright, loud and pattern-filled. I don’t know if I necessarily love any of the pieces so save your Versace for H&M shopping for yourself & not your boyfriend.

The collection hits H&M stores on November 17th. Will you be shopping the collection?

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Top Looks!

24 Oct

Now that NYFW is over & I’ve had some time to digest all the fabulous fashion hits from the runways, I’ve compiled my top looks from Spring/ Summer 2012 (in no hierarchical order):

Badgley Mischka

Badgley Mischka showed the ultimate take on femininity with a plunging neckline, fitted, knee-length dress. The jewel-tones are consistent with the Spring/ Summer 2012 trends & the detailing is simply stunning.

Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta is always displaying his show-stopping designs & this strapless gown is no different. I am absolutely floored to know that lace detailing is having a moment and the crop-top he chose to add texture to this look is on the top of my “must have” list.

Carolina Herrera

Carolina Herrera uses a simple lined pattern to create a look that’s anything but simplistic. I love the flirty & ultra-feminine look a belted waist gives, too.

Rebecca Minkoff

Rebecca Minkoff took “Ready to Wear” fashion and stole the show. Everything about this look is accessible & super chic. Again, the jewel-toned hues are big Big BIG for Spring/ Summer, as well as the lined pattern detail. I love the idea of the menswear-inspired blazer with super feminine details (the color & cut).

Band of Outsiders

Band of Outsiders decided not to follow the bright-color trend for this look, & it’s incredibly refreshing! With all the detailing put into this cut & design, there was no need to use a bright fabric and a nude neutral is a universally flattering hue for any skin tone making this look truly “Ready to Wear”.

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