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Denim, denim, DENIM!

24 Oct

In honor of Bergdorf Goodman’s Denim Week, I decided to do a write up on the fashion staple that’s appropriate for ALL seasons: DENIM!

I feel pretty confident in stating that jeans are an important part of most people’s wardrobes. And how could they not be? Whether you’re into the uber trendy jewel-toned hues or love the casual look a great pair of jeans provides is up to you, but here’s this season’s most sought-after denim (all from Bergdorf’s):

J Brand Jeans

I love the look of a red jean for this season & I cannot get enough of the high-quality, super comfy denim that J Brand provides. Everything from the cut to the wash in these jeans is perfect for this season & a lot of fun to wear (J Brand Jeans 811 Mid-Rise Skinny Twill Jeans in Black Cherry from Bergdorf Goodman- $176.00). Tip: Don’t go overboard with the rest of your ensemble when sporting any jewel-toned jeans. Keep the top & shoes neutral to avoid looking too trendy.

J Brand Jeans

Is my obsession with J Brand noticeable yet? These truly are the best jeans for their fit, comfort level & durability & with the over-sized look of sweaters, coats and tops in general we’re seeing, it’s important to have a truly great-fitting skinny jean this season. When pairing a flowy top with denim, make sure to choose a skinny cut to balance each other out & add a sexy silhouette your figure (J Brand Jeans 811 Mid-Rise Skinny Twill Jeans in Ignite from Bergdorf Goodman- $191.00).

Citizens of Humanity

While skinny jeans and flares seem to cycle when they’re “in style” or out, a good boot-cut is always flattering & always in! Their versatility is undeniable & they’re a universally good cut for anyone regardless of size or shape (Citizens of Humanity Kelly Odyssey Boot-Cut Jeans from Bergdorf Goodman- $198.00). Editor’s Note: I had to put “in style” in quotations because I’m a firm believer that anything is “in style” at ANY time, as long as it’s flattering on you! It’s good to branch out & try new trends, but the best trend is wearing what works best for you personally.

Joe's Jeans

I sincerely love the careless effort look of a slightly destroyed jean on someone in their 20’s. It’s casual, sexy, fun & effortless to pull off. Pair with a cute t-shirt & heels for happy hour or throw on to run errands. Either way, you’ll look stylish and casual and be comfortable all day (Joe’s Jeans Cigarette Patricia Destroyed Jeans from Bergdorf Goodman- $172.00).

As with ALL looks, it’s important to stay confident & be comfortable in what you’re wearing. I truly believe denim provides that. Check out Bergdorf Goodman for all these styles & more.


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